Paul A Taylor, Owner

Paul A Taylor, Owner

My name is Paul Taylor.  I am the founder of Melting Pot Patriots.

I am a retired businessman who for forty years built California companies resulting to help create over 300,000 jobs Nationwide. I ran for California US Senate in 2018 and experienced first hand several interesting things. One was the corruption in our voting system as well as how messed up our Conservative voting numbers are.

One thing that really stood out was the shortage of legal Immigrants participating using their right of having their voices heard through the political process. That’s when, in late June, 2018, I was inspired to create Melting Pot Patriots. I soon started asking almost every legal immigrant I spoke to about their voting, their concerns about America and their own values.

It became apparent the most patriotic people in America were these Immigrants but they had not been educated about their Constitution. Knowing about their rights or how they should choose the candidates to vote for who would correctly and honestly represent them as their servants in elected office. I said "wow" to myself thinking these are the Patriots who, with some education would be the ones to save America. I’m convinced of that.

Having said this, I invite you to join with me and millions of other Immigrant Citizens to stand up allowing your Traditional Family Values help save your American Dream.



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We are establishing a firm foundation for American society
based upon mutually respectful love,
natural law, traditional family values
and absolute liberty under God.

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