Mutually Respectful Love

Mutually Respectful Love

What do we mean by Mutually Respectful Love?  Simply stated mutually respectful love is truly and simply loving each other.

  • What does mutually respectful love look like?
  • What if we were able to cement our society with love?
  • Is it possible to have a better way to hold a people together than love?
  • Could ANY "glue" be a stronger binder for our society?

Let's Set our Foundation

Concrete is by far the most widely used foundation for building world-wide.  So, we will use this as an example of how we are buiding the foundation for Melting Pot Patriots.  Concrete is a man-made "rock".  Here are the basic ingredients of a common concrete mixture:

  • 10% cement
  • 20% air & water
  • 30% sand
  • 40% gravel

The Ingredients for Our "Concrete" Recipe

Here is our formula for our foundation:

  1. Mutually Respectful Love
  2. Natural Law
  3. Traditional Family Values
  4. Absolute Liberty under God

If we don't learn to love each other (our "cement"), the other ingredients simply will not matter.  The cement is the "glue".  The cement is what will hold everything together!

What Does Mutually Respectful Love Look Like?

Let's define love.  Love is concern for another's well being.

Love is an Inherent Human Ability

All human beings are born with the capacity to love.  Self-love (self-preservation) can be and is routinely overcome by love for another.   That is what enables us to give of ourselves to others.  Love is what enables us to even trade our lives (sacrificially) for others.

Not every human being demonstrates love to every other human being, but they could.

We CAN love one another.  We CAN love even our enemies.  This doesn't mean that we will love them.  This doesn't mean that we will not fight them.  However, fighting or even destroying an enemy does NOT require that we hate them.

We are ALL a part of the great human family.  We are ALL related.  Meditate upon this.

Love Considers the Perspectives of Others

Love demands that we consider the perspectives of others - including those that we disagree with fundamentally and significantly.

Love Seeks Understanding

Love demands that we make serious attempts to understand those with whom we disagree.

When love wins, we can disagree without being disagreeable in our deportment.  This is not easy, but it can be adopted, practiced and improved upon.

Love Seeks Friendship

Love moves us to work towards friendship.  Love hopes for harmony.  If friendship required complete agreement, we couldn't even be friends with ourselves.  We have contradictions even within ourselves.  We are ALL on a journey, aren't we?

Love Must be Conveyed in What We Say

We live in a world that is in turmoil due to a lack of love.  There are those that care for themselves supremely and see others only as tools to accomplish their own goals.  The subject people instead of serving them.  They enslave people and steal their energy only to empower themselves.

We realize that there is a opposing theme of HATE that seeks to bury LOVE.

Difficult, but Necessary

We must try and LOVE people even when we HATE what those people do.  What parent enjoys having to discipline their children?  It is painful to the parent, and would be easier simply to NOT discipline.  But if we love our children, we will discipline them.  They must be taught, and it is our primary duty as parents to be their instructors.  We CANNOT sluff this God-given duty off to anyone else.  WE are responsible for teaching our children, and proper education requires discipline.

When it is Impossible to Reason

It is not possible to reason when people refuse to reason.  Sometimes, refusing to reason is the most reasonable thing we can do.  We must admit this.  When people have their minds made up and their mouths are in continuous action while their ears are stopped, there is no reason.

Let us commit to NOT be that way.  Unless there is NO path to the slightest possibility of a change of position in even the slightest way, our ears need to be open.

God gave us two ears and one mouth.  Maybe we need to listen twice as much as we talk?

Two Melting Pot Patriots "No Compromise" Positions

The Sanctity of Human Life

Melting Pot Patriots takes a position on the sanctity of human life.  There is NO possible way that we will hear anything that seeks to undermine that position.  So, on this issue, we will definitely be UNREASONABLE - meaning, you will never find a reason for us to justify the murder of a human being at any point in their lives, beginning with conception and enduring until the point of their natural death.

  • Because we LOVE man, we OPPOSE murdering man.  We OPPOSE "abortion" and we OPPOSE "euthanasia".  Life comes from God.  If God did not want a child to be born, He would not allow that child to be conceived.  If God wants someone to die, He will take their life.  We need to remove ourselves from this process.

Human Reason & Divine Revelation

We believe that human reason as well as divine revelation agrees upon our position on the sanctity of human life as a component of natural law.

What? and Who?

The "what" is the actions taken by people to decide to take the life of another human being.  We find the practice of murder (regardless of what it is called) repulsive.  In the sense that we LOVE life we HATE the taking of life.

The "who" are those who take the lives of others by practicing in abortion or euthanasia.  We must LOVE these people and separate our being repulsed by their actions from them as persons.  We don't love what they do, but we do love them as a part of our human family.

Acceptable Human Sexuality

One Man and One Woman in Marriage

We are convinced that what is known as the "nuclear family" should be the only accepted "norm" in our society.  We OPPOSE "normalizing" behaviors that deviate from this fundamental component that forms stable communities.

We do NOT Accept or Approve of Sexulal expression outside of a marriage of one man and one woman.  This means we will NOT endorse any of the following:

  • Fornication
  • Adultery
  • Homosexualtiy
  • Pedophilia
  • Beastiality

We still LOVE people that engage in such things, but we do NOT ACCEPT those sexual behaviors as normal.

The "Sexual Revolution"

What is referred to as "The Sexual Revolution" refers to a time period between 1960-1980.  Wikipedia says, "The sexual revolution, also known as a time of sexual liberation, was a social movement that challenged traditional codes of behavior related to sexuality and interpersonal relationships throughout the United States and subsequently, the wider world, from the 1960s to the 1980s."

It is the conviction of Melting Pot Patriots that nothing good came out of this revolution.  We would disagree with Wikipedia, since it pretends that this revolution was "over" in 1980It is NOT new and it is FAR from over!

In the Past

This is NOT new.  Ancient cultures did this as well.  It was a contributing factor and/or a symptom of the destruction of their civilization.

In the Present

The driving force behind Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) is the LGBTQ+ movement.  Now, we see moves worldwide to normalize pedophila.  These things are perverse.

This "Sexual" Revolution Is Destroying America

We are fully aware of the unpopularity of our position on acceptable human sexuality, nevertheless, it is our position.

If you are practicing homosexuality, we do NOT hate youWe love you.  Loving you does NOT require that we approve of your lifestyle.  We don't approve of fornication or adultery, either.  We realize that many of you will be able to embrace almost every position that we take, excepting this one.  We do NOT consider you to be an enemy.

Homosexuality in the United States was first considered unacceptable and even against the law.  Then, it was largely accepted.  Activists pushed until it was protected and even celebrated and now it is being promoted.

America's Future of Pedophilia?

There are movements, actions and legislative processes underway NOW both in America and in other countries to normalize and protect pedophilia.  "Science" is now wanting to "prove" that this is also a behavior that people are born with and that they "cannot help themselves."  We would argue that an unwillingness to control one's own desires is not equivalent to an inability to control oneself.

The proverbial "pandora's box" was opened about 1960 and it is still open and more and more and more keeps on pouring out.

This is the path ahead now if we do not change course on purpose:

  • Unaccepted
  • Accepted
  • Celebrated
  • Protected
  • Promoted

Love is Seen in our Actions

We can proclaim our love for our fellow man, but our words alone pale in comparison to our actions.

When our fellow man is hurting, love mandates that we take action to try and address their hurt. 

Love Seeks to Protect

Love compels us to take action to protect those that we love and to act in their best interest.

This sometimes requires that we fight.

Love Seeks to Edify

We want to build people up, not tear them down.

We are our Own Biggest Problem

We realize that each of us faces our biggest problem ... and that is the person we see when we look into a mirror.

We must acknowledge our own sins, shortcomings, failures, blind spots ... add whatever you want to the list here, they will be many.

LOVE is the Most Powerful Motivator

Let us ask God to help us always be moved by love for Him and our fellow man.


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