Feeling it in Your Gut - The Human Moral Code

Feeling it in Your Gut - The Human Moral Code

Natural Law in the Heart of Every Human Being

Natural Law is an appeal to nature and necessarily to nature's God.  As human beings, we instinctively KNOW what is good or evil, right or wrong.
This knowledge is hard-wired into the heart of every human being.  The human conscience is a gift of the Creator and we need to listen to it.

Consider Natural Law & Human Instinct

Have you ever thought about INSTINCT and where it comes from? The dictionary defines INSTINCT as "an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species."  (Dictionary.com)
What About Human Instincts? 
It is generally believed that the higher the sophistication level of a living organism, the less instincts it will possess.
This may be true, and we are certainly "at the top" when it comes to our intellectual capacity.  We may consciously act much more from reason and emotion because we are human beings, but we are more than just conscious beings, - we have a conscience.  We intuitively (or instinctively) know right from wrong.
Human instinct is just a single component of human morality.

Feeling it in Your Gut - The Human Moral Code

When I want to speak about natural law I prefer to talk about it in a way that everybody can understand so consequently it will sound a lot less academic. My intention is to reach many people from something that they all have experienced in their life at some time. So this is my understanding as to Natural Law, which is in my terms, Moral Code.
It is a proven physiological fact that each and everyone of us have over 100 million brain cells located in our stomach region. Our abdomen. Some people call it a gut or a gut feeling. They interpret what they hear often by “I felt it in my heart”. And all of those are true explanations of something that goes on inside of us. I call this our “truth center”.
If we listen to it we discern truth from lies right there. Whether you are the one that’s telling the truth or lie or somebody else, our truth center is our gut feeling that is what we’re thinking with. When we hear truth from somebody we say “I felt it in my heart”. All those reactions are about our one hundred million brain cells speaking to us.
It would be hard for me to find somebody who would not say “I’ve never felt that before”. So I’m going to assume that this is a universal feeling or understanding. No I’m not going say that people don’t ignore it or that they have squelched it to the point they no longer listen to it. I would say that anyone who doesn’t listen to it has developed a reprobate mind.
In those cases it’s in their head, in their brain, those brain cells, that control them and not their gut feelings. So what about your head or your brain? What does that have to do with any of this? My understanding is this. Our brains are the depository of everything your eyes have ever seen and your ears of ever heard.
And that depository has retained everything good and evil that you’ve experienced in your lifetime. The comparison to your gut is, only good things have ever emulated from your gut or truthful things if you will. But our brains have become the source of confusion, compromise, and contrary to what our gut feelings are trying to tell us. Certainly there’s always been a struggle for mankind concerning right from wrong, good from evil, and truth from lies.
But our gut feeling never lies to us and always tells us the truth.
We have to understand where this gut feeling comes from more than the fact there’s not just the brain cells but something happened to every living individual on this planet. In the time that we were fetuses in our mothers womb, a moral code was invested in to our developing fetus bodies. And that’s before your brain in your head was ever developed that God had placed into you the ability to be able to ascertain good from evil and right from wrong.
Simply called your Moral Code. And that Morality was placed there for us to use our entire lives. However the world became a reality once we were outside that womb and began to attack this Moral Code. This Moral Code is also called the Natural Law because it comes from the creator. Now I understand that there are many different idea about God and Creator and all that but for me, as a Christian. I’ll explain my concept.
I believe that God placed the truth center in every baby in its mothers womb a o that it would be born with goodness. I feel that once out of the womb, that it was able to be attacked by the worldview which would challenge that goodness. But you see it is the challenge that we have to overcome by listening to our gut feelings so we feel in our heart the truth.
I also learned that the “truth will set me free” and its does where lies bind me into things not good. We all can feel, if we allow it, that what we hear and what we see is true and good and we also know how to determine if it’s not true or it’s not good.
That is when you use your brain correctly to decide on your actions and not to compromise. Nor to be confused. Even now as I speak these words here you must think, am I feeling this in my gut or in my brain. Is it truth or is it not. You decide.
by Paul Taylor, Founder


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